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Twin Air is the world's largest manufacturer of air filters. They offer air filters with superior construction made ??of the highest quality to suit all cross bikes and quads. Twin Air is used by more pro teams than all other manufacturers combined.


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    What is Twinair?

    It was some 40 years ago that Twin Air found the optimal solution to avoid dirt entering the carburetor to the engine. When they began manufacturing air filters made ??of foam. These foam filters replaced the paper filter that was so popular during the 70s. The problem with the paper filter was that they were not protected enough against sand and dirt in the carburetor, especially when riding in sand and gravel. These problems took Twin Air focus on new washable foam filters with filter oil that prevents dirt, grime, sand and water from entering the carburetor and thus provides an unbeatable performance. Thanks to the Twin Air's superior quality and unique design, they have now a very large distribution network worldwide. Twin Air air filters fit all cross bikes and quads. Thanks to its reliable protection and its unsurpassed performance.