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K&N air filters are known as some of the best in the world. A small investment in your bike that can make a huge difference in terms of improving the performance and reducing wear on the engine!

K&N air filters are designed to achieve high, almost unlimited air flow combined with filtering power to ensure that the air meeting the fuel is as pure as possible!

A K&N air filter consists of 4 to 6 sheets of gauze layered between a double layer of aluminium mesh. The air filter is then pleated and oiled to improve its filtering performance. These are washable, reusable, and built to extend the life of your motocross engine.

Many filter manufacturers can increase the air flow to your engine, but none can do this as purely and effectively as K&N!

NOTE: These filters are model-specific. Select your bike model to find the correct filter.

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American KN Filters are one of the world's leading manufacturer of washable air and oil filters for motorcycles and motocross. KN's filter is a good investment as they will give the bike more power and reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the engine..

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