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MotionPro designs and manufactures high quality tools, cables and instruments for motorcycle, motocross, quads and snowmobiles, whether you are a professional mechanic or hobby mechanic.


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    What is MotionPro?

    MotionPro was founded in 1984 by Christopher Carter, who was himself a 'cross and enduro rider. When Carter decided at 33 years old to start a business, MotionPro Nowadays MotionPro develop their own tools and have great deal of research and development in-house. But even MotionPro license inventions from other independent mechanics and inventors that have come onto a good idea. MotionPro is known for producing versatile and unique products that are designed to be simple to use, yet rugged enough to withstand harsh conditions. All their products are made of high quality materials that will withstand many years of use.