24MX Garage: A KTM EXC 300

Rebuilding in the 24MX Garage

What does it take to rebuild a KTM EXC 300? How effectively can it be done? In this two-part series from the '24MX Garage', that project is undertaken, as a bike is pulled apart and made to look brand new again! It obviously takes a lot to make that happen, but what parts were used? There is a list beneath the two videos below. The top one is part one, then below it is part two.


Scalvini exhaust pipe, Scalvini silencer, X-Trig triple clamp, X-Trig PDHS, Acerbis X-Seat, Braking oversize batfly 270mm brake disc, Razorback mousse, Talon front wheel, Talon rear wheel, Twenty brakes and clutch lever, ProX swing-arm bearing kit, ProX Steering bearing kit, Twenty front sprockets, Twenty rear sprockets, DID racing chain, Acerbis plastic kit, ProTaper handlebars and ProTaper grips.

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