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We wanted to tell you more about a series of incredible destinations you can ride at all over the globe and at any level. These are just perfect to add to a hit list of sorts. Raven rider Robbie Simpson, who regularly goes to Fox Raceway in California, tells us about an iconic destination from his perspective, just so you know whether it is worth considering when planning your next dream vacation.

Fox Raceway, previously known as Pala, is a short ten-minute drive from the city of Temecula, California. Fox Raceway has always been regarded as one of the most prestigious tracks in the world. It has been home to many national races, amateur races and viral videos that feature the best riders in the world. Fox Raceway is easily one of the best facilities on the planet. Tempted yet? Allow us to tell you more…

With the variety of tracks that it offers, Fox Raceway has always attracted the best of the best. Its national and supercross tracks are filled with world-class riders who you could be rubbing shoulders with on any given day. In addition to this its FMX compound offers a variety of jumps and wall rides that give riders such as Axell Hodges and Nate Adams the perfect venue to train and create the unreal online content that we all watch and love. You can get a live look at that at Fox Raceway. That is one of the biggest draws of tracks in Southern California, the fact that it is so easy to ride alongside the stars. It is an experience that cannot be replicated in any other sport.

Fox Raceway is not just a place for professionals though, as everyone and anyone is welcome including regular weekend riders who are looking for ride days out in the sun. Anybody can ride at this venue. There is an amateur track that offers a slightly easier, scaled down version of the world-famous pro track and kids track too. What should you expect from the facility? The soil is not similar to the slick hard-pack that is often found in France or Italy, as it starts off quite loamy. It is not out of this world though and easily manageable for novice riders who are on a 65cc. Ruts will really develop as the day goes on and it will get quite hard-pack, so that is worth considering.

It costs $40 per day and is worth every penny. You cannot hire bikes direct at the track, but there are ride-holiday companies based out there who make the process seamless. You can feel like a factory rider for the day, whilst riding alongside factory riders. There are very circuits in the world that carry as much clout as Fox Raceway. Simply stating that you were one of the few people who have stepped foot in the facility is enough to make most riders across the globe sit up and take notice, so why would it not be on your hit list?

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