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Since its Beginning in 1999, the US Rox have been designing and manufacturing innovative products for snowmobiles, quad biking and motorcycles. Hand protection, handlebars, bar pads or risers? Check out what Rox has to offer for you.


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About ROX

The story of Rox Speed FX can be defined in two words: vision and family. Rocky Cutsforth grew up in a family with a "sure we can do it" attitude. Nothing was too much trouble, from building your own barbecue to create new innovative products for the power industry. With the help of the family's visionary spirit Rocky Cutsforth his created the company Rox by inventing a footstep plate for his snowmobile. Rocky was tired of slipping around with his feet when he drove the scooter and came up with the solution in the form of the step plate. After the invention Rox saw light of the future. Rox quickly expanded with other quality products such as risers and hand protection. The company grew further and everything went smoothly until the year 2010 when Rocky Cutsforth was tragically killed in a snowmobile accident. The position as Rox president and driving force went over to Rocky's cousin who still runs the company. Strong values, hard work, perseverance and an inexhaustible passion for motorsports is what brings Rox Speed forward, in full family Cutsforths spirit.

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