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With a reliable GPS alarm and tracking device, you always know where your vehicle is located. Redknows tracking devices are recommended by insurance companies and often provide insurance benefits. All Redknows products are manufactured in Sweden to ensure quality.


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About Redknows

The Redknows brand is owned by Axtech, a privately-owned Swedish company headquartered in Gothenburg. Axtech produces and sells Redknows GPS alarm and tracking devices, a traceable alarm perfect for motorcycles, motocross bikes, snowmobiles, and 4-wheelers. The MiniFinder series (GPS/GSM-based alarm) are designed to alarm and protect all types of vehicles, and have sold successfully in Scandinavia and Europe. Axtech works tirelessly in order to position the Redknows brand in the growing market, with focus on developing and establishing a quality assortment of products at competitive prices. The Redknows MiniFinder series has been designed to fit vehicles with limited space and be water-resistant. The Redknows alarms and tracking device sare known for being easy to install, yet extremely functional and high-quality. Redknows products increase the probability of vehicle return in the event of theft, therefore making this alarm a worthy investment. Redknows collaborates with Honda Motorcycle Sweden, among others.

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