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Kimpex is one of the world's largest manufacturers of spare parts with over 40 years experience for snowmobile riders, motorcyclists and motocross riders. An affordable alternative to genuine parts. Kimpex provides its customers with innovative products and excellent services.


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About Kimpex

Kimpex is the world's leading Canadian manufacturer and distributor of parts and accessories for recreational vehicles such as motorcycles, motocross, snowmobile, ATV and boats. They provide a wide range of accessories, such as belts, cables, lubricants, pistons and shock absorbers. Kimpex headquarter are in Drummondville, Quebec and currently have two distribution centers with over 200 employees and more than 50,000 products available. Kimpex also has a subsidiary location in New York, working against the ever-growing U.S. market. Kimpex has a strong network of distributors, which currently number more than 5,000 sales partners. Kimpex has over 40 years experience of successfully deploy some of the industry's most prestigious products.

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