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KYB is the world's largest supplier of shock absorbers, front forks, and parts of the absolute best quality. Service Kit for front fork, fork oil, oil seal or scraper ring. KYB provides what you need for your motorcycle or motocross.



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KAYABA spare parts
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KAYABA spare parts
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About KYB

KYB, originally called Kabaya Research Center, founded in Japan in 1919 by Shiro Kayaba. After having established itself in the market for hydraulic dampers, the company became known as Kayaba Manufacturing Co. Kabaya had steady growth over the years and in 1959 was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 2005 was the company's official name KYB and today they count as one of the world's largest manufacturers of shock absorbers for original equipment as well as all conceviable parts. KYB also manufactures many other hydraulic products as original equipment for specialized vehicles such as aircraft parts and marine equipment. KYB's products are sold in over 100 countries and has the largest factory in the world that manufactures shock absorbers located in Gifu, Japan. KYB also manufactures in the United States and Europe and with all the 15 factories included KYB has an annual production capacity of more than 75 million shock absorbers. Technical innovation and manufacturing excellence are the components of KYB's success story and KYB is also the first hydraulic manufacturer awarded the prestigious "Deming Prize" for best quality.

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