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Arlen Ness is one of the best known motorcycle builders in the world. He is considered to be a real trend setter, whose designs are often studied and copied. In addition to motorcycles and accessories Arlen Ness also produces really stylish racewear.


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About Arlen Ness

Since childhood Arlen Ness was a huge fan of motorcycles, Harley Davidson in particular. During the 60s, Arlen Ness got married and had two children , he supported his family by working for a moving company . But his dream of owning a motorcycle had never dispelled. One day, as he drove through Oakland Arlen Ness saw an old Harley Davidson Knucklehead that was for sale . At last it was time for his first motorcycle ! The modest purchase for $ 300 would change Arlen Ness live forever. By transforming the motorcycle with a new paint job and extended the tank , he soon received attention for the stylish Knucklehead and the rest is history . After decades of custom bike - building and the development of their business Arlen Ness Inc. Arlen Ness has received numerous recognitions and awards. He is considered one of the most famous motorcycle builders in the world. In addition to motorcycles and accessories Arlen Ness also desgins really smart race clothing such as jackets, pants, leather suits, gloves and boots.

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