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Scala Rider, developed by Cardo Systems, is one of the world's most advanced communications system for motorcyclists and snowmobile riders. Group communication, connection to mobile or GPS, the Scala Rider makes it easy to keep in touch with the outside world.


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    What is Scala?

    Cardo Systems, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, United States is the world's leading manufacturer of Bluetooth communication systems for bikers, snowmobile riders and cyclists. In 2005 Scala Rider was launched and thus Cardo Systems spawned the world's first Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets. In cooperation with its best consultants, the customers also the motorcyclists, Scala Rider continued its success story and has developed a wide range of communications products. Thanks to new technological prowess with Scala Rider can easily keep in touch with the outside world through, for example, group communication and connectivity to mobile or GPS. Favored by many motorcyclists worldwide Cardo Systems continues to improve and renew Scala Rider, all to create the highest levels of communication and entertainment.