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Trendy, Unique & Innovative Goggles/ Glasses

Smith Optics is considered the world leader in the industry when it comes to goggles, sunglasses and frames, always with a focus on innovative, sustainable and technologically groundbreaking products. Modern, trendy and unique are key words in Smith Optics production.

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    About Smith

    Smith Optics opened its doors in 1965 in Idaho, United States. The founder Dr. Bob Smith, who was a specialist trained dentist who is also a ski buff was tired of his ski goggles always fogging up during his rides. Thus, he took matters into his own hands and made a pair of ski goggles with double lens and facial foam, which dramatically reduced the risk of the goggles steaming up. Smith received a patent for the foam that was used to ventilate the goggle and he began to produce goggles by hand with his wife and some friends around the kitchen table at home. Smith then sold the ski goggles to other skiers who quickly learned to appreciate the product. In 1969 he began production under the name of Smith. Smith's design is now standard in the industry and Smith Optics sells its products in over 50 countries and annual sales of more than $ 100 million. In addition to goggles Smith also manufacture sunglasses, motocross goggles, snowmobile goggles and ski helmets. Smith Optics is synonymous with innovative, sustainable and high quality products and used by some of the best names in motocross, skiing and other action sports.