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Ever since its inception in 1978, Polisport has been manufacturing high quality plastic products for motocross and enduro. Polisport offers a wide range of products: Plastic kits, front lights, chest protectors, knee pads or perhaps a bike stand? Polisport have what you need.


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    What is Polisport?

    Polisport was founded by Pedro Araújo in 1978 in his garage in Portugal. It all began with Araújo manufactured custom fenders for his motocross bike when at that time was both expensive and difficult to get hold of new plastic parts. It quickly became a high demand for Araújo fenders at the local stores and thus Polisport was founded. In the 80s they produced more motorcycle parts and eventually developed Polisport to become a leading international brand. Today Polisport stands out from the competition thanks to the "Durable Gloss Polypropylene", a unique durable polyprolenplastic that provides higher gloss, durability, UV resistance and retain colour for longer. Polisport specializes in plastic products for motocross, enduro and quad bike with products such as hand guards, chest protectors, knee pads,fenders and plastic kits to most major brands: Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM, GasGas, and Husqvarna. Polisport is known to produce innovative products with very good quality and safety.