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Spun steel rear brake line of the absolute highest quality.

Core Moto spun steel brake lines provide you with better braking performance, higher quality and a better look.

All Core Moto brake lines are manufactured in the USA. A spun steel brake line does not allow for "hose flex" as the standard brake lines does when the hydraulics have reached a high pressure. The steel coil gives you increased sensitivity and a noticeably better braking performance compared with an OEM rubber line; the brake line becomes a direct link between the braking cylinder and calipers. The brake line has give, and fits perfectly thanks to TrueFit technology. Even the most minute details have been carefully considered for the best functionality. Every line has a Teflon® core that is tightly wrapped in stainless wire. The stainless wire is attached to a flexible PVC outer line that protects against abrasion and corrosion. Every line features coloured, stainless banjo bolts, which shield against corrosion and give the bike a "factory look".

An OEM rubber line needs to be replaced every 4 years, as they have limited lifespans.

All brake lines include copper washers and stainless bolts, which have concave shells to minimise weight.

Core Moto brake lines are so great that Core Moto offers a lifetime guarantee; everyone who works for and develops products for Core Moto is an experienced rider.

Core Moto Brake Line
-TrueFit technology
-Better braking performance
-"Factory Look"
-Lifetime guarantee
-Comes with everything needed for installation

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