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A high-quality spun steel connector hose!

Core Moto's spun steel connector hoses offer a high-quality product and a nicer look!

All Core Moto connector hoses are manufactured by hand in the USA. Steel coils offer increased sensitivity compared to OEM rubber hoses; the hose becomes a direct link between the brake cylinder and calipers. The hoses are flexible and feature "TrueFit", ensuring a perfect fit. Even the tiniest details have been thought through in order to provide you with the best function. Each hose has a Teflon® core, which is tightly wound in stainless wire. The stainless wire is attached to a flexible PVC outer hose, which protects against abrasion and corrosion. Every hose features coloured, stainless banjo bolts, which shield against corrosion and give the bike a "factory look".

An OEM rubber line needs to be replaced every 4 years, as they have limited lifespans.

All hoses include copper washers and stainless bolts, which have concave shells to minimise weight.

Core Moto hoses are so great that Core Moto offers a lifetime guarantee; everyone who works for and develops products for Core Moto is an experienced rider.

Core Moto Brake Line
-"TrueFit" technology
-"Factory Look"
-Lifetime guarantee
-Comes with everything needed for installation

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