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Alpinestars Tech 10 are really good cross boots created with the highest standards of safety, flexibility and comfort. These boots have the lowest profile on the market and the slim design gives great control of both the brake pedal and the gear lever.

When Alpinestars developed Tech 10, they did not spare any effort. Everything is of the highest quality and gives you really good comfort, without interfering with your driving sensation. The replaceable and washable inner shoe is equipped with replaceable torsion rods that allow you to adapt the hardness / flexibility. The seamlessly integrated sole has a grooved steel rail that protects your feet from damage from the pedal spikes. The outer sole is replaceable and made of rubber composite which is a very durable material.

Ergonomic flex zones at the ankle provide good support and prevent unnatural twisting of the ankle joint. The Quick Release / -Lock Buckles of Aluminum provide a simple and effective fastening and a secure fit. The interior is made of a comfortable 3D foam that in time forms itself after the foot. The anatomical inner sole is made of EVA foam that contributes to overall comfort throughout the boot. The heel has a reinforcement of suede, which keeps the foot in place.

- CE-approved.
- Very well built.
- Interchangeable outer soles.
- Interchangeable aluminum buckles.
- Leather on the inside of the thighs.
- Tech 10 is among the best in the market.

About the brand

Alpinestars is a manufacturer of technical, high performance protective gear for motorcycle (MotoGP, Motocross, Formula One and NASCAR), as well as extreme sports such as Mountain Biking and Surfing..

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