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Matrix Concepts has a vast range of essential products for motorcycles and motocross owners. Petrol can, garage mat, loading ramps, tool box and stands. All Matrix products are manufactured by motorcycle enthusiasts for motorcycle enthusiasts.


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    What is Matrix?

    Matrix Concepts was originally a college project where Chadd Cole, Cameron Cole, Brady Sheren, Arnold Taylor and Brad McLean engineered products for motorcycles and motocross in collaboration with many of the best mechanics and riders. Along with including MX legend Bob Hannah to define their product line. In 2010 Eddie Cole and Company started Matrix Concepts. Matrix design team focused on products such as racks, loading ramps, straps, tool boxes, gas cans and garage mats. The ambition was to renew already existing products and make them better in comparison with competitors. This carried Matrix by offering products from durable material, innovative features and a large, full line. Since its inception, the Matrix had a great growth and increased sales, with many new products in its range. Among other things, Matrix has introduced a series of high quality cleaning products for motorcycle and motocross, named 1.7 Cleaning Solutions. In a few years, Matrix has doubled its operations and continue to grow internationally, with distribution in over 40 countries around the world.