Top Tips: Changing Filters

Change air filters correctly

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Changing the air filter in your bike is just as important as putting fuel in your bike. The air filter acts as a defendant against all the dirt, dust and anything else that may cause damage to the engine while also allowing air to pass through to mix with the fuel.

There is no set time on when an air filter should be changed as it varies on how dirty the filter is. Usually on an average day, when the bike isn't to muddy, I would change it before the next time you ride it. However, if it is dusty or sandy, you may want to check it after each time you come back to your van just to be safe as sand and dust are a lot finer: They get through the filter box cover and coat the filter.

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Changing your air filter is a simple and easy job. If you are riding a KTM/Husqvarna, the filter is located behind a panel on the back left side at the bottom of the number plate. All other bikes are accessible by removing the seat. The KTM/Husqvarna filters are held in by two prongs on opposite corners, just pull the bottom prong out and then pull the filter out. All other bikes are held in by some form of nut in the centre of the filter, simply undo said nut and lift out the filter.

Now if you have the luxury of having a new pre-oiled filter to put straight in then just do the opposite of what you have just done. Most new filters will need to be oiled. You can get spray filter oil or a pouring type. Personally I find it best to use the pouring type, pour it in a clean bucket and submerge the filter and rub it in. After make sure to squeeze all the excess oil out and fit the filter.

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If you speak to someone from back in the day, they will tell you to clean the filter in neat petrol. This does work but is not the most sensible way for you or the filter. Most motocross cleaning products now make a more bio-friendly filter cleaner that you just put in a bowl of hot water and clean thoroughly. Once all dirt and oil is off the filter you need to make sure that it is totally dry before re-oiling it. Do not put it in a tumble dryer! Once it is completely dry you can re-oil it and put it back in your bike. 

If you are riding in the summer months (or hit a lot of sand tracks) you may want to purchase a dust cover for your filter. This is just an extra skin that covers your filter, but you are able to brush it off in between motos rather than changing the filter. This being said the more things you have stopping the air getting to the fuel the performance will suffer. Some people take to drilling holes in the airbox to try and gain that extra bit of horsepower, but personally I think it isn't worth the risk.

Hot Tip: When fitting your filter, just put a little grease around the part of the filter that sits on the filter box to make sure you have a decent seal.

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