Top Tips: Cold Weather Gear

Prepare for harsh weather

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There's absolutely nothing worse than not being prepared for your riding conditions. That includes it being cold outside, something that not everyone thinks about, which is why we thought it would be a good topic to discuss. It's important to be mindful of the weather conditions as well as your own personal tolerance. Admittedly, most riders probably choose to stay inside when the thermometer drops below freezing but, just in case, you need to bundle up and we can help with that.

Base Layers

Even in the coldest of cold, riding eventually gets you warm so keep that in mind when you are applying your wardrobe layers. Base layers worn underneath typical riding gear can provide warmth, air circulation and moisture management. Much of the problem when riding in cold weather actually comes from once you get warm, because of the sweat. Expect to cool off real fast. If you have a base layer, however, that wicks away sweat and you won't feel the effects of the cold air on your drenched body. Make sure that you have enough base layers to cover you from head to foot. We recommend the Fox Frequency Ls Base Layer (click here).


The biggest challenge when riding in cold weather comes not from the actual temperature, but from the wind chill factor. The faster you ride, the cooler it feels. Riding at 50 degrees gives you shivers, so imagine riding at 30? Your hands get the worst of it taking the wind head on therefore regular gloves do not cut it.

Try finding wind proof gloves. If you only wear one product to combat the cold, make it your gloves. Your body might warm up but your hands never will and eventually the pain from the piercing cold will force you to stop. We recommend the 24MX Hand Warmers (click here), the Shot Gants Trainer MX-Gloves (click here) or the O'Neal Winter Gloves (click here).

Riding Jackets

Unlike base layers, jackets come off easily once you get hot. Riding jackets work best in the milder, colder weather so you can remove or put back on accordingly but don't rule one out when riding in extreme weather as they can serve as a warm-up then allow the base layer to take over once removed. Some jackets repel water, which keep you dry and warm in wet weather. We recommend the 24MX Waterproof and Windproof Jacket (click here).

All The Basics

Make sure that you don't forget all the basics: Helmet, goggles and boots along with the appropriate riding gear. Also all the proper protection like chest protector, knee braces etc. It not only serves as protection but also as an extra layer to keep you warm.

When riding in the cold it is important to have the proper equipment. On top of all that make sure you are preparing your body as well, stay hydrated. You will still sweat and lose water and other vital electrolytes when temperatures dip, so take all the same pre-ride precautions as you do during the summer months.

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