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It is fair to state that every single rider has experience of using air filters. It is kind of mandatory! What makes a good air filter though? Are you even aware of that? Here is an explanation, using the premium Twenty MX product. It is always worthwhile knowing more about your motorcycle and the products that you are using. The last thing that you want is to use something that is subpar, right?
The Twenty MX Air Filter has two joined walls in order to effectively prevent dirt from entering the engine, but still provides you with maximum airflow both in mud and dust. The filter then uses a third layer of foam to seal your all-important air box from sand and dirt that could potentially enter your engine. It effectively works in many different ways to ensure that the various requirements are met.

The Twenty MX Air Filters are hand-crafted from polyester and glued with a special adhesive that ensures the seams hold together despite tough use and cleaning. The structure means that the outer layer functions as an initial safeguard to capture airborne debris and dust whilst the inner layer traps the smallest of particles whilst simultaneously releasing the maximum amount of air so that you get maximum power from the engine. Finally, the thick foam seal provides a secure connection to the air box when the container is clamped by the filter basket and prevents dirt from penetrating between the air filter and air box.

There is a good chance that information just flew straight over your head, but it is important: It describes everything that you should know about the air filters that you put into your bike. Take a closer look at the Twenty MX Air Filter in the video below…

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