WMX Help: Chest Protectors

Hey, WMX riders! This is for you

Ladies! Tired and fed up of trying body armour that squashes the important bits and won't do up properly? We have tried and tested a few of the main protection garments on the market and got them dialled in for you. Where do we start I hear you ask? 

The Leatt Jacki 4.5 Chest Protection (Click here). 

Leatt have been one of the main purveyors of off-road riding protection for a while now, and one of the only companies on the market that actually make specially-shaped body armour for women. Surprising I know! It feels tough and sturdy, and the main foam inserts actually wrap around the side of you underneath the clips and straps. Also the front plate actually has a slight bend to it, which means it hugs the shape of the female body providing that comfort and feeling of protection that Leatt is famous for.

The back panel already has inserts pre-moulded, so if you are already rocking a Leatt neck brace (click here) then it will slot right in. I personally used this body amour and purchased it afterwards, due to how comfy it was! No rubbing, no awkward gap at the top and it felt safe and didn't move around whilst riding. I've found that happens with other body armours that aren't lady shaped. All in all, top marks from Leatt and this should be a staple in your kit bag.

Alpinestars Bionic Protective Jacket (Click here).

Next up we have the Alpinestars Bionic Protective Jacket, which is another product that is designed specifically for women. This one is for more of a full suit. For example where the Leatt is a front and back plate, the Alpinestars suit has arm sleeves and elbow protection and is completed with ventilated sleeves.

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