Five Tips: Essential Gear

Making the correct choices

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Purchasing The Correct Boots

The level of your riding will dictate the level of boot you use. For example, someone just starting out in motocross and trail-bike riding should be interested in an entry-level boot like that of Raven that is cost efficient. It is sufficient for anyone in that position. It offers good protection, stability and for riders only riding once a week or month these boots will be perfect. They are significantly cheaper that the leading boot brands like Gaerne, Alpinestars and Sidi.

Once you start to ride more often and your level progresses you will notice that your needs become more obvious, requiring a greater comfort as you could be riding enduros for long periods of time and also need a more responsive boot so you can feel the gears and break more. At this point Alpinestars Tech 7 and Tech 10 boots are a great purchase if you are looking at investing in a boot that will give you longevity and a more precise control when riding. The faster you become on a dirtbike the more protection you will require, so it's always wise to invest in a a boot used by professionals.

Raven Boots: Click here

Alpinestars Boots: Click here

Choosing The Right Helmet

One of the objects, if not the most important, that will purchase when riding. Whilst the entry level Raven helmets are perfect for those starting out and hobby riders as the helmets meet the minimum safety requirements, like boots helmets can differ in price from €70 through to €600. There are helmets on the market that meet all the minimum requirements but there are helmets that exceed all safety requirements to give you peace of mind that in case of an accident you have done everything you can by purchasing the safest helmet available.

Shoei, 6D and Leatt are fantastic helmets that are all available on 24MX. Just as we mentioned there are many levels of helmets and we offer some fantastically priced mid-range helmets like Just1, Airoh and Fox that are all suitable for riders who are racing at a high level. Our recommendation when buying kit is to purchase the most expensive Shoei, 6D and Leatt you can afford first and then look to other areas like chest protector and boots as the next priority order.

Raven Helmets: Click here

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Right gEAR For Your Discipline

If you are looking for your next purchase on 24MX, you may be an enduro/trails rider or a motocross rider. You will notice as you look at photos and going to your local track or event that these riders wear clothing that is similar but slightly different. There are some amazing gear choices for motocross where breathability and comfort are some of the key factors and let's not forget a fashion statement for some. What you will notice in enduro is that the kit chosen to ride this discipline will be more hard wearing, thicker and possibly waterproof.

Depending on the types of terrain you will have to ride through and over, a race shirt or jeans may snag of trees and tear. enduro gear is usually thicker and more hard wearing. Some brands like Answer have a line for motocross and then others like MSR have one for enduro. O'Neal, Fly, Alpinestars and Fox have great race kit for motocross available but some of those brands don't offer enduro gear. Have a look on 24MX for enduro clothing and motocross clothing.

Answer Gear: Click here

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Goggles Are A Must

No matter if you are zooming around trees in enduro or in a field or track riding your dirtbike, there are many hazards for your eyes. There is dirt, flying insects or even branches that could strike your helmet. Protective eyewear doesn't have to be expensive as 24MX offer some amazing deals on Raven goggles from as little as €29.99 and the goggles have even been worn by vice motocross world champions when they are out practicing.

If you are riding in wet weather then we recommend upgrading your goggles by incorporating accessories like roll offs or tear offs to help you keep clear vision when riding. If you are looking to invest in a more expensive pair of goggles then we would recommend 100% and Scott as brands, both offer high-level products that are used by tens of thousands of riders around the world and offer superior fit and quality. Like other products they are much more expensive than the Raven goggle mentioned earlier. All goggles deliver the most important factor and that is protection for your eyes. 

Raven Goggles: Click here

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Scott Goggles: Click here

Body Armour and Chest Protectors

To round off our protection must haves, we have chosen body armour as an essential item. Protecting your vital organs is as important as your helmet protecting your brain and even when you are not going fast you can do just as much damage going at slow speed and falling onto an obstacle. The body armours front is usually known as a ‘chest protector' and is an essential and required piece of protection that FIM say any motocross and enduro rider must wear to compete.

Quite frankly its common sense to protect yourself and as important as a chest protector is, the back and your spine in particular are vulnerable areas to so we suggest riding with full body armour no matter what your level is. From protecting you from stones being sprayed over you from the bike in front to the revolutionary impact-spreading armour that Leatt provide these items are a must have for anyone on two wheels.

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