Top Tips: Racing With Budgets

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If there's one thing we know about riding dirtbikes, it is that it's not cheap. We also know that the upgrades we want for our dirtbikes are not cheap either. Dirtbike riders are always looking for that extra edge whether it is to smoke along trails or grab the holeshot on their way to the win, but the extra edge comes with some extra costs. It doesn't always have to. We have put together a short list of bike upgrades that won't completely break your bank.


Just trying to grasp uncomfortable brake and clutch levers over and over again for thirty-minute motos and see how it feels an hour later. When working your clutch and brake system you want a smooth as butter feel and equipment that stands up to riggers of racing and the eventual crash. We recommend levers from Twenty. Click here to learn more.

Pedal and Shifters

Like the levers, upgrading your brake and shift pedals not only adds style to your bike but durability that outlasts the competition while providing weight savings. We recommend Twenty gear levers. 


Bent handlebars should be replaced immediately and so should a stock bar that doesn't feel right. Changing the handlebars often boosts the confidence in young children starting out. Changing the handlebars gives a personal touch that will make you feel more confident in your bike handling skills.


You have heard it many times before, go slower to go faster. The brake system on your dirtbike is just as important as the throttle. Once you have figured out the nuances to braking – when to brake and how to brake – lap times plummet and you'll leave the field in your exhaust.


Perhaps the most inexpensive but valuable upgrade is new grips. Torn grips are worthless but replacing them with inferior grips is just as bad. A pair of high quality grips helps you give the best performance on the track or trail. Dirtbike grips are one of the most replaced parts on your bike and come in a variety of styles. These style include waffle grips, pillow top grips, diamond grips and more. We recommend Twenty grips that are on this link.


You can break the bank on tires, go cheap and head to the pits early or simply grab the proper products/tubes and equip your bike with the best possible upgrades. We recommend the Razorback tyres that are on this link.


It's pretty well known that new exhausts are not always inexpensive. It is one of the most common upgrades that you can give your dirtbike. The benefits of upgrading your exhaust are that it will increase power, horsepower and it is of course lighter than your stock exhaust.

These are some upgrades that we think are either reasonable for a budget and/or necessary. Some of these upgrades are necessary in order to compete at the top level, other are simply because they make you love your dirtbike just a little bit more. Let us know what you think and what upgrades you cannot live without on social media (@24MX on Instagram).

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