Focus: Raven Goggles

Why should you choose Raven?

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Everyone likes nice goggles and Raven goggles are some of our favourites. If this picture doesn't sell them to you. Nothing will!   Remi Bizouard, three-time FMX world champion, has a selection of Raven Edge and Raven Sniper goggles. Here he is wearing Raven Edge.  These have a frameless design and extra large lens, which is a perfect combination of unobstructed visibility and super sweet looks.

"These goggles are insane.  I love the look and they give me amazing peripheral vision. Get some!" – Remi Bizouard.

Whatever type of riding you do (motocross, enduro, freestyle, free-ride, mountain-biking) the Raven Edge goggles are great. With a wide field of view and tear-offs, you can push your riding performance to the limit regardless of conditions. You can also choose from a wide range of lenses to change up your look and suit the lighting conditions. Take a look at our lens guide by clicking here.

In addition to that, the Raven Edge feature three-layered face foam. The layer closest to your face absorbs moisture and is made of comfortable micros fleece so super comfortable. The outer layer provides ventilation so you don't get fogged up or, in other words, have maximum comfort with minimal fog! Raven currently have a sale on so you can complete your look for just €24.99  

Raven Edge Features

– Anti-fog and anti-scratch lens.

– Good fit on your helmet.

– Easy to replace lens.

– Non-slip silicone-coated strap.

– Storage bag included.

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