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When you purchase any motor vehicle or dirtbike, you are making a significantly large purchase. It is safe to say we all want to get our money's worth, keep the value and have it for a very long time. We put together a short list of tips on how to extend the life of your dirt bike with some simple and routine maintenance.

Change and Check The Oil

The good news is that this step is simple and can be done quickly. It's so important that you are routinely changing and checking your oil, it can save you from having costly repairs in the future. The best advice is to follow the owner's manual for the recommended oil weight and type.

Changing your oil should be inexpensive, easy and a routine exercise. You can also find in your owner's manual the recommended schedule of when you should be changing and checking you oil. Also taking care of this ensures that your dirtbike will be running smoothly and at its best!

Cleaning Your Air Filter

This is so important, because having a clean filter affects your engine, which could lead to some very expensive parts. Your dirtbike's performance and longevity of life is so dependent on having good, clean air. It's important to get in the habit of checking your air filter often especially after long, dusty and dirty rides. Your dirtbike and your bank account will thank you!

Maintain your bike as if you are a factory rider! It's important to love it
Checking The Coolant

Taking care of your coolant is another simple and quick task that could cost you a pretty penny if not done regularly. Check your coolant levels before you go on a ride, then make sure you give your radiator and hoses a quick check as well. You should be looking for signs of dirt and overheating. You can tell this by the change in colour or the smell it starts to create… It will smell like a burnt odour.

Check Parts, Tyres and Belts

Once again, with any motorsport, you should always be checking the parts, tires and belts if you want it to have a good lifespan. Your tyres should always have the correct amount of pressure in them to avoid running into problems or flats on the trail, which can then lead to some expensive repairs or unnecessary ones. Also check the bolts, boots and nuts. You want to make sure everything is in the proper place and screwed on tightly.

Keep Everything Clean

For our last tip on how to maintain your dirtbike: Keep it clean to get the most life out of it. It is obviously very easy for it to get dirty and muddy, but always make sure to hose it off after a ride. The dirt can begin to settle into parts and can also start to create rust. It's important to keep these bad boys clean. Routine maintenance will ensure that your bike has a long life span. If you are going to invest in a dirtbike, make sure you are ready and committed to taking care of it.

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