Top Tips: Picking WMX Boots

Useful advice for WMX riders

The ever-expanding world of women in motorsport is constantly growing and, to follow with this, you would think that the big manufacturers would follow, right? It is about time! Today we will be going through a handful of the the best women's off-road boots on the market. Ladies, we have the answers! 

Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots. Click for more.

First up, we have the Alpinestars Tech 7 motocross boots that conveniently go down to a size five (UK), which most other designs don't in an adult boot. A lot of women have to wear children's boots as usually the manufacturers don't make them small enough. They feature a steel toe cap and microfibre insert, which provides abrasion resistance, and also a water-repellant coating.

Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots. Click for more.

Next up, we have the Alpinestars Tech 3 off-road boots. If you are looking for more of a rigid boot compared to the Tech 7, which has a bit more flexibility in the ankle, then these are for you! These sizes currently go down to a size four (UK).

Sidi X-3 Leis Boots. Click for more.

There are some Sidi boots that are designed specifically for women, the X-3 Leis boot. They come with a hinged ankle for extra flexibility and also synthetic leather and hard plastic for extra durability. If a bit of pink is your thing, then click the link above to check them out! 

MSR VXIIR Boots. Click for more.

Lastly we have the MSR VXIIR boots, which amazingly go down to a size three (UK)! These are a slightly different style to the Alpinestars, but still a great starter boot none the less. Not only are these boots cheaper than similar products on the market, which is an exciting selling point in itself, the sole is made of four layers to make it extra durable. A perfect combination, right?

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