Top Tips: Buying A Pit Set-Up

Make a professional pit set-up

Let's face it: Having a slick pit set-up when you are racing or at your practice track not only looks trick, it makes you feel trick. We recommend a race/paddock tent, pit mat, bike stand and a fuel jug to get you started. Having all the gear can be pricey though, so we have put together a pit package for under €200 to get you started.

24MX 3X3 Easy-Up Tent (€99.99). Click for more.

First off, the tent (€99.99). These are pretty essential and will not only shelter you from wind and rain, but they will give a bit of relief from the sun in the summer. Alternatively if you are really good looking and getting bothered by too many fans, buy some walls and hideaway like a professional. There are options! This tent is easier than many others to assemble too. Pull the four legs in each corner and the frame locks. Within 60 seconds you are protected from rain, wind and prying competitors.

24MX Race Premium Environmental Mat (€39.99). Click for more.

A pit mat (€39.99) looks neat! 24MX do a super-nice one and you can choose a colour to match your bike. Alternatively, check the bike branded ones. Those are options that allow you to experience the best conditions possible, both in the garage and out on the track. This environmental mat delivers just that, with a rubberized backside and absorbent polyester material emblazoned with a cool 24MX logo.

Twenty Rapid Fuel Jug (€39.99). Click for more.

How about the fuel jug (€39.99)? You know, to make you fuel like a pro. Twenty are great and have great selection of sizes to make it easy. Quickly and easily refuel the bike without spilling. With a steady double grip, the 20-litre can feels light and handy. It can be used by anyone!

ProWorks Solid Mechanic Stand (€19.99). Click for more.

A bike or mechanic stand is an essential piece of kit for you to rest your bike on at the track or use as a maintenance stand at home. We like these ones from ProWorks (€19.99). It is a solid mechanic stand made of steel. Rubberised top and wide base for stability. Opening at the top for simplifying oil changes.

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