Top Tips: Perks Of Motocross

Why choose to ride motocross?

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We sometimes can be over protective, as parents, when it comes to our kids and their activities. Maybe dirtbike riding is something you find too dangerous for your son or daughter? Don't you wish your parents let you ride at a younger age or even encouraged? Well, in case you are in need of some persuasion, here you go…

These are the top-ten reasons we think letting your kid ride a dirt bike is a good idea.


Getting your kid a dirtbike could help increase their self-worth and confidence. Finding an identity can be hard when you are young and giving your kid something they can identify with, and possibly become good at, will give them confidence in themselves to try new things they maybe once thought weren't possible.

Physical Fitness

Riding a dirtbike is a physically-demanding sport and to be a good rider you need to be in good shape because of the demands of the sport. Your kid will realise to perform their best, they will need to work hard to keep up physically and improve their overall health. 

Make Friends And Build Relationships

Spending time on the track allows for a lot of time around kids of the same age and older riders. Being around other riders will help them develop social skills to make friends and build relationships during the down time off the track.

Learn Responsibility
Getting them their own dirt bike and gear will teach them responsibility. They will learn the importance of understanding their bike and how it works, and also making sure all of their gear is in order. Before heading to the track, putting them in charge of loading the bike and gear into the vehicle will give them tremendous responsibility, and will be a quick life lesson if something is forgotten.
Teaches Them Safety
Wearing your helmet, boots, gloves and pads will teach them about safety and how negatively the impact of them not being safe will affect them. Learning the importance of safety will allow them to extend this way of thinking into other parts of their life.
Helps Them Learn How To Win And Lose With Humility

In racing there is one winner and a bunch of people who end of losing. Becoming a dirt bike rider gives you a quick lesson on how to win with humility whilst also taking your losses with grace.

Teaches Them The Importance Of Practice

With anything the more you do it, the better you get at it. If your kid wants to become a good rider, they will learn the importance of practice and putting in the time and hard work to be the rider they aspire to be.

Promotes Strong Work Ethic

Along with the importance of practice, they will learn strong work ethic that they need to put the work in but also put in quality work on the track to make sure they give themselves the edge needed to be successful.

Gives Them The Ability To Build Awareness

Riding can be hairy at times with riders of many levels sharing the same track. Learning how to be aware of other riders will help keep them safe. Building awareness can easily translate to everyday life and riding is a great way to build this skill.

Helps Build A Strong Parent-Child Relationship

Of course, getting your son or daughter a dirtbike will help build a strong relationship. Most of us do not have a track in our backyard, which means there will be long drives to hang out and create life-long memories for you both to cherish!

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