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How to successfully wash your gear

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The excitement and rush of riding your motorcycle is the complete opposite of the feeling of monotony and boredom you get from washing your gear. It may seem like a chore, but unless you are a sponsored rider and have the benefit of putting on a brand-new set of gear every time you ride then taking care of your gear is as important as ever to maintain and extend the life of your jersey, pants and gloves.

Washing your gear is similar to washing your regular clothes, but there are a few things to take into mind to keep their fit and feel consistent after every wash. We have compiled a list of a couple of tips for the next time you ride.

Post-Ride Tip

After your ride your gear is going to be sweaty, dirty and possibly stained from oil, grease or any other part of the dirtbike. We recommend not balling your gear up, but placing it into a laundry bag. Using this bag will keep the gear together, but will also give it room to breath and not be scrunched together. Keeping the gear from being balled up will keep the sweat and stains from saturating the gear and make the washing process more successful.

It is important to maintain your gear, no matter what brand you wear
Look For Stains

Before you begin washing your jersey, take a look over your jersey for stains or mud stuck onto the jersey. If you see any signs of this we recommend laying your jersey out and using stain remover before placing the jersey in the wash. Also, if you use a stain remover, we recommend after you spray the stains allow the gear to sit so the product will penetrate the stain and be more likely to get the stain completely out of your gear.

How To Wash
All of your gear is going to be mostly polyester and the logos, designs and numbers will be sublimated. So, because of these two attributes, your gear will be able to handle the wear of a washing machine and allow you to wash it all together without fear of colours bleeding or the jersey colours fading. We would recommend using your typical laundry detergent and wash and rinse with cold or cool water.
Drying Your Gear

The last step is the most important in maintaining and extending the life of your gear. It comes down to how you dry it. We do not recommend using the dryer. We do recommend hang drying or laying out your gear. There is a lot of different materials used such as velcro, rubber, spandex and leather. So, because of this, it is best to not introduce heat that could lead to shrinking and variations in size. Using plastic hangers to hang dry jerseys and pants is recommended and pulling out all the fingers and laying out your gloves will be the best way to dry them.

Being smart about taking care of your gear will not only help extend the life of your gear, but save you some money as well. We hope these tips help you keep your gear clean and sharp for your next ride! Get out there.

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