Focus: Twenty Rapid Fuel Jug

A handy tool for your next ride

Putting fuel into your bike is just another one of those things, right? Everyone has to do it. You don't really have much choice! Those of us at 24MX are eager to make sure that it's as convenient as possible for you though, which is why the Twenty Rapid Fuel Jug was created. What is that? Well, let us explain…

This fuel jug is designed to allow you to quickly and easily refuel the bike without spilling. Simple, right? You know the old fuel jugs, the ones that are difficult to grip and hoist above the bike to tip fuel in? This Twenty Rapid Fuel Jug is a solution to that. With a steady double grip, the thing is easy to operate and can therefore be used by anyone. What makes it even better is that the quick tank valve closes automatically as soon as the tank is full! That is also a timeless issue: Needing to keep stopping in order to make sure that you are not going to overfill the tank.

It literally takes second to fill a tank and very little human effort. What do the weekend warriors have to say about the product? "Great fuel jug. Good seal. Fuelling faster and without the mess," said David T. "Brilliant I'll use it all the time, straight forward to use and everyone who's seen it is wanting one for themselves! It is definitely essential to bike life," said Nicola S. "Very happy. Quick delivery and quick-fill can does everything I needed to do," said Mandy B. Riders range from racers to enduro riders and those who just enjoy practicing. This really is something that everyone needs in their life!

Why is this important now? Well, if you live in either the UK or Switzerland then the product is heavily discounted currently. Don't miss out! Don't just take our word for it, listen to your fellow riders above.

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