Top Tips: Ricky Carmichael

Ricky Carmichael offers advice

During a recent encounter with Ricky Carmichael, those of us here at 24MX desperately wanted to find out what advice he has for weekend warriors such as ourselves. Carmichael ended his career as the most successful rider of all-time, hence his nickname of the GOAT, but everyone obviously begins in the same place. It's hard to believe that he was once a novice! What would be the one thing that he would tell rising stars now?

"Advice that I have for someone who is coming up through motorcycle riding and wants to someday be professional is take your time and ride at your own level. I think it is really important to keep that in mind. What I see a lot of guys doing these days and in the past when I was growing up, even I made this mistake a couple of times too, is they try to ride better than what their ability level may be. When you do that is when bad things can happen. Ride within your limits and always try to have fun. Originally that is why you start riding, to enjoy yourself. Stay within your means and enjoy the moment."

It is so simple, yet so effective. Everyone is guilty of doing that at some point, right? We bet you can think of a few friends who push the boundaries of what they are capable of at your local trackā€¦

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