Top Tips: Prevent Blisters

Get rid of blisters when riding

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Painful and tender, blisters pop up like arm pump and often end a riding day just as fast. DRT Kawasaki's Gustavo Pessoa even withdrew from the previous round of the 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship because of blisters! Blisters result from excessive friction. The more your hand moves back and forth on something whether from swinging a bat or rolling the throttle the greater chance of a blister forming.

In the heat of battle or even just a long trail ride you probably don't notice the beginning stages. Ultimately, you power through any emerging discomfort and only after stopping to rest when the gloves come off do you realise the damage done. The best thing you can do to prevent blisters is to wear gloves. When your gloves are not good quality or begin to wear down, it's time to invest in some new gloves. Here are some of our favourites…

Alpinestars Radar MX Gloves Anthracite

Radar is one of Alpinestar's most comfortable cross gloves. The entire top side of the glove is made of a piece of spandex and the whole palm is a piece of Clarino. Alpinestars Aviator is simply the obvious choice for those who want stylish and comfortable gloves in really good quality.

– Extremely good mobility.
– Rigid velcro.
– Spandex around the wrist.
– Pre-bent fingers for optimal comfort.

Alias AKA Lite MX Gloves

Alias AKA Lite is a glove that matches the Alias clothing. The graphics are printed with a special sublimation technique that prevents the colours from fading with washing. The cuffs are made of lightweight material that's hardly noticeable when wearing them. This, together with a layer of Clarino in the palm of the hand, makes AKA Lite feel incredibly smooth and comfortable. Silicone print on the fingertips allows you to keep a steady grip on the brake and clutch levers. AKA Lite matches your clothes, has great quality and gives you an unbeatable riding experience. What more could you ask for?

– Awesome fit
– Lightweight material cuffs.
– A layer of Clarino in the palm.
– Silicone print on fingertips.
– Stretch material over the back of the hand.

100% Airmatic MX Gloves

Airmatic from 100% are the gloves that are suitable for all types of driving styles and provide unbeatable comfort!

– Highest comfort.
– Excellent protection.
– High breathability.
– Trek-dry in the finger folds.

If your gloves are currently giving you blisters, here are some of your options: Replace old gloves, change existing gloves, invest in glove liners or try antiperspirant for excessively sweaty hands. Riders gripping too hard often get blisters regardless the type of gloves. If you tend to "hold on for dear life" try using your legs more. This might require taking some lessons to learn the proper way of riding, which actually takes pressure of your hands and arms and puts most of the strength on to your legs to grip the bike with your knees. This also helps with arm pump. Speaking of grips! You might need new grips. You can go to 24MX for your one stop shop all gloves, grips, and much more.

In some cases, regardless of prevention techniques, your skin just might give way to blistering. The best way to toughen up your skin is yard work, building up blisters and also using tape as an added layer to prevent blisters and tears. All in all blisters just come with the territory but you can prevent them by investing in quality product.

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