Top Tips: Getting Better

How to become a better rider

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Do you compete in dirtbike racing? Are you looking to get started? No matter what your skill level is, we have compiled a list of tips to help improve your riding and prepare you to be competitive. Before any competition, whether it's dirtbike riding or a different activity, it is always important you practice. You never want to throw yourself into a competition without the skills and experience necessary to succeed. So, to get you ready for competition, we broke down the necessary skills needed to be able to race, and race well.


The most thrilling part of racing! With jumps, especially for beginners, the most important part is to start slow and work your way up. Jumps take time, experience and a lot of courage. Practice, time and commitment is what you'll need to refine this skill. The more time you practice hitting a jump, the more comfortable you will be pushing hard on race day. When you feel confident in your jumping skills, you'll gain an advantage on the race track.


Probably one of the most underrated parts of racing. Although corners may appear easy, they can often be difficult. Coming into the corners at high-speed is not as easy as it looks. Corners give you the opportunity take a better, or faster, line than your competitor. Races can be won or lost in the corners, so it's important to take time to work on this skill when you are practicing at the track.


A GREAT start can lead to a GREAT race! Sometimes you even have the opportunity to win some cash prizes. Whoever said that a holeshot is based on luck were wrong… They take practice! Lots of practice and no fear of pinning it wide open when all other riders against you are doing the same.


Although we continue to state that practice wins races, it's also about being prepared. Being prepared means you have taken the time to set-up and tune your bike properly. Taking care of your bike, maintenance and enhancements is another function to prepare you and your bike for optimal performance.

Health and Nutrition

Our last tip is health and nutrition. Any opportunity to take care of your body and mind, along with your bike, will go a long way towards meeting your goals. Diet and cross-training are huge part of being a competitive racer today and knowing you have put in the work off the track, can lead to mental edges on it. These are something all riders should be including in their regimen.

In summary: Practice, practice, practice. In this case, practice really does make perfect. In addition, take care of your bike and take care of yourself. Practice, maintenance and nutrition will give you the competitive edge, mental clarity and confidence going into your next big race.

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