Top Tips: Autumn Riding

Prepare for what's coming up

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The summer sunshine is inevitably coming to an end and the nights are drawing in, for some that means it's time to put the bike away but that need not be the case!  By following these simple tips you can ensure you are prepared for whatever autumn and winter decides to throw at us.


We have previously explained the benefits of having a race tent with you and, in less predictable weather, this is even more essential. There are also a few additional considerations that will allow you to enjoy your day at the track no matter the weather.

Whilst riding in poor weather can be great fun it's always a good idea to have an area undercover when you are back in the pits. With the side walls added to the 24MX Race Tent you can ensure you are protected from harsher winds, they also provide you with more privacy when you need to change out of your dirty riding gear. Speaking of strong winds, its also wise to invest in some good quality tent pegs to ensure your tent is well grounded whilst you’re out on track. The ProWorks Anchors for tents are made of 5mm stainless steel and you simply connect them to the tent poles of the 24MX tent and screw them into the ground. They go down 20cm making your tent fully secured.

It's also a great idea to consider getting a trolley case for your tent, this will help you save space in your van/tuck whilst also making sure any dirt/rain on your tent doesn't mess up your vehicle. The 24MX Premium Tent Trolley Case is a great way of protecting your vehicle and your tent!

Gear Bags

Chances are you are going to hit with some unexpected rain and poor weather over the coming weeks and months so one of the best ways to make the big clean up easier is to invest in a second gear bag.  Having a ‘clean' and ‘dirty' gear bag can help to keep your clean gear clean whilst also allowing you to keep kit separate if you are riding on consecutive days where cleaning kit in between may be impossible.

The 24mx All-in-One Gear Bag is a cost effective purchase here as its size gives you plenty of storage space whilst it robust construction will ensure you gear is safe for years to come.  If you need something a little smaller then the 24MX Transformer Gym Bag has you covered!

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