Top Tips: Pick A Bike

How to choose your new bike

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So you want to buy a dirtbike? Great, but which one to get? Although having too many options is never a bad thing, sometimes it can be a bit intimidating. When making a big purchase you always want to make sure you put the time, thought and acquire all the information possible. What information is that? Look no further… Here is your guide to finding the right size bike for you!

Skill Level

If you are a first-time rider or very new to the sport, it would be wise to stick to a lower cc bike (preferably below a 250cc). If this bike is for a 15-year-old kid or younger and less than five feet ten inches tall, we would recommend a bike in the 110cc range. Also, for a younger rider who is just getting started, an automatic clutch would be a great start to get them used to the feeling of being on a bike before you add-in the learning of a clutch. Same thing goes for a new rider, no matter the age. Keep it simple to start and, once you begin to get the hang of it, a clutch system and bigger bike can come into play.


The size of your bike is vital to your safety and comfort when riding a dirtbike. A simple test to see if your dirt bike is too big is to sit on your dirtbike and see if your feet touch the ground. If your feet are touching the ground, next notice if you are flat footed, on your toes, or have about one third on the ground. Being flat-footed means the bike is too small and you will put too much weight on the suspension. If you are on your toes, then the bike is too large and you will have trouble managing the bike if you were to hit a big bump. If you have about a third of your foot on the ground, the dirtbike size is just right!

Physical Traits

The other physical traits to take into considerations should be your weight and strength. If you are a big guy or girl, you may want to think about getting a larger bike with a beefier suspension, too much weight on the suspension and you'll be bouncing all over the place with a higher risk of a crash. If you get too big of a bike, for your weight and strength, you may find yourself on a runaway bike with a little more oomph then you can handle. It's important to be realistic about your strength when you make your decision.

When purchasing a bike it is imperative you do your research and understand these three key factors to keep yourself and others around you, safe when you are on the track or the trails. Buying a new bike is an exciting time: Make sure you take the time to make a decision you won't regret! Braaaap.

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