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Depending on the type of riding you plan to do, it's imperative to have the right tyre. Having the correct tyre will give you the control and performance to give yourself the best experience riding whether that is on the track, road, dunes or a combination of all of those elements. We put a list together with multiple different types of riding, and described the best tires for each. Keep reading to learn more!

#1: Dual Sport

A dual sport bike is meant to ride legally on the road, as well as on the track, and because they are made to be street legal, they have all of the necessary parts such as lights, speedometer, mirrors, horn, license plate, and mufflers. The type of tyres used on a Dual-Sport bike is similar to motocross' knobby tires. When choosing the tyre to fit your riding, the key is to define if you will be doing more riding on trails/tracks or if you will be on the street. If you will be on the trails/tracks choose a tyre with more defined knobs. However, on the other hand, if you plan to use the bike mostly for the road, pick a tyre with less defined knobs and a sportier look to give you more traction on the road.

#2: Supermoto

Supermoto is a bike that was built to withstand components of a dirt track combined with a street track. The bikes are light, nimble and can take jumps, trails and corner all at a high performance. Supermoto bikes are similar to dual-sport bikes, but the big difference is they do not need to be street legal. A big difference between a supermoto bike and a motocross bike is the wheel size. Supermoto bikes use seventeen-inch front and rear wheels. A supermoto bike's tyres look more like street-bike tyres. They are smoother and larger than a normal dirt-bike tyre. Also, they do not have the knobs that you find with a dual sport or in motocross.

#3: Motocross

Motocross is a bike that is constructed solely to be used on a track that features jumps, whoops, corners and other tight obstacles. These are man-made tracks that are groomed for maximum performance and do not include any natural obstacles like trees or rivers. When picking a tyre for motocross, the ideal tyre will be very knobby but a key component is the spacing of the knobs. The spacing of the knobs will depend on the type of track you are riding on.

For a soft track, a tyre with a harder-compound rubber and wide spaced knobs will work best to keep from mud packing in between knobs. While on a firmer track, softer rubber with knobs close together is ideal to create a larger contact patch for better grip. Lastly, if you do not want to have to buy tyres for every condition, there are intermediate tires that are between hard and soft that will work well in almost all conditions.

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