Top Tips: Rainy Days

How to succeed on rainy days

· 2 minutes read

With more poor weather approaching, and with the past rain, things have been looking a little gloom, but although the sun is gone that does not mean your dirtbike is too!

Tracks may close, in some cases, but for the most part rain is just an additional factor in the pure adrenaline activity. If you like to ride, then you are probably okay with getting dirty. Bring on the mud. Here are a few tips for riding in the rain…

– Goggles: When it comes to rainy and muddy riding conditions, goggle selection does matter. You need to make sure you have roll-off goggles. Your standard tear-offs will not cut it. If you wear tear-offs, you are guaranteed to have them get wet and water will get lodged in multiple layers therefore making it very difficult to see. A roll-off system is simply the best choice for the rain. 

– Tires: With changing conditions, comes changing tires. When the rain is here, so is the mud and that means you’ll need all the GRIP you can get. Without the proper tires, you are sure to get stuck in the mud. Tip: Tire pressure is important. Softer tires are better for the rain and mud. Less air equals more grip, so think about taking a little air out. 

– Gear: I’m sure it’s no surprise, but your gear is going to get dirty so plan for the worst. If you are going to ride more than one moto, you’ll want to bring more than one set of gear. Tip: Bring or purchase a dry bag to carry your extra gear and a change of clothes for your ride home.

– Pre-Treatment: If you have the opportunity to be proactive with your dirtbike, do it, but as fun as it is to ride in the rain and mud, getting too much of it can cause your engine to overheat. With pre-treatment cleaning spray you can provide a protective coat to prevent mud from staying or building up on your bike. Also, this is going to make the clean-up process easier. WIN-WIN! 

– Cleaning Up: The fun is over and now the tough work begins. Hopefully you and your bike aren’t too muddy, but it’s important to clean up properly to take care and ensure a long lifespan of your gear and dirtbike. A power-washer is an optimal tool for cleaning of your bike and boots. Make sure to wash your gear immediately, we don’t recommend letting it sit in your gear bag for too long. With BIG fun, comes a BIG mess… It is worth it!

Riding in the rain is a much different experience than riders may be used to. It will take time to adjust but will help you become a better and more diverse rider. It will also help you appreciate, more than ever, the days when conditions are perfect. Have fun out there and more importantly, stay safe!

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