Top Tips: Tool-Box Essentials

Everything that you really need

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It's not a matter of if you need a tool box at the track, it's a matter of when. From a minor tune-up to severe damage then you want to be prepared. The tool box isn't as important as what is in the tool box. We have had many people ask what the go-to tools that should be in a rider's toolbox are, so we put together a list to better prepare you for practice or race day. You no longer have to wonder what tools to purchase and what to use them for!

Tool #1: Tyre-Pressure Gauge. Click here.

Small and compact, the tyre pressure gauge is the first line of defense in preventing a flat, extending the tyre's life and providing the best ride. Once you get to the track you'll figure out the conditions and match the tire pressure accordingly.

Tool #2: Spoke Wrench. Click here.

In a pinch you could use pliers to tighten/loosen spokes but you'll pay for it later. Spokes like nuts, bolts and screws should be routinely tightened prior to riding. A spoke wrench makes this job easier and won't ruin the spoke nipple. Don't leave home without one.

Tool #3: T-Handle Set. Click here.

Technically, there's more than one tool here but this set counts as one. All nuts and bolts need tightening prior to lining up at the gates. A t-handle set featuring 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm sockets gets the job done.

Tool #4: Screwdriver. Click here.

See the key to this game is utilizing one tool that functions as 50. Ok, maybe not 50 but grab screwdriver that features several removable inserts with different heads and head sizes. Some say the screwdriver is the most abused tool in anyone's tool box and for good reason. Not only does it work as manufactured but its use as a multifunction tool could be an article in and of itself.

Tool #5: Bolt Kit. Click here.

Bolts, nuts, washers and screws have a sneaky way of jumping ship. You might be able to finish a lap or even a race but to keep riding without everything in tact can be a recipe for disaster. It can also snowball and as you ride others decide to let loose. A bolt kit addresses every possible scenario when it comes to replacing a vital connection that's fallen off.

Tool #6: Pliers. Click here.

Even the strongest set of fingers can't match a pair of pliers. The benefit of pliers, which can be lost on some, is its multifaceted personality. If we are only allowed ten tools in our tool box then a pair of pliers takes the place of an entire set of open-ended wrenches, a crescent wrench and even an axle-nut wrench.

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