Top Tips: Maintain Wheels

Keeping wheels in good shape

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Wheels are one of the most expensive parts on your dirtbike and yet do not always get the recognition that they deserve. Do you even know what maintenance needs to be done to your wheels, let alone how to carry out those tasks? This simple guide will give you an idea of everything that should be considered when thinking about your wheels.

Continual Maintenance

It's no surprise that when you are riding, constantly moving, jumping, turning and maybe even crashing that things tend to move. The wheel, as a whole, contains the highest number of connections thanks to the spokes. Like any connection that tightens and loosens, the spokes can unravel and often do after a day of riding. It is important that when you are pushing products to the limits in tough conditions, you take care of them.

Every time before you ride, you should always check the spokes. Grab a torque wrench and spend the three minutes it takes to go around the wheel and tighten every single spoke to spec. Front and rear wheel. For a quick check, tap on each spoke and listen for a tight similar-sounding ping all the way around.

Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings are not as needy when it comes to needing a continual check-up. Wheels have bearings, also inside the hub, that need routine cleaning and greasing but not prior to every ride. Most bearings, once in place, need a check-up just a few times a year depending on how often you ride and the conditions ridden. Sandy and/or wet conditions prompt more maintenance.

Wheel Truing

Wheel truing? You may be wondering what this is exactly, and you wouldn't be the only one. It is something that is also important in tyre maintenance, but often overlooked. Put your bike on a stand and spin the wheels. If you see any wobbling, the wheels need truing. Now you need a truing stand.

Remove the wheel from your dirtbike and once on the truing stand, work your way around the wheel tightening and loosening spokes until the wheel has no wobble. It's kind of like the old way of finding which bulb ruins the rest of the bunch on the Christmas Tree. Use your torque wrench and tighten to spec.

In case you're wondering: Simply torqueing the spokes while on the bike does not fix a wobbling wheel. Thus, the need to check each one individually. After you have placed the wheel on the truing stand, you can loosen every spoke and then torque to spec if you'd rather not check each one to determine the problem spoke(s).

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