Top Tips: Summer Heat

Stay hydrated, stay ready

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Proper hydration goes a long way in preventing heat exhaustion or stroke. That cannot be detrimental to your race or race position! What tips would a professional rider provide for staying hydrated prior to a race? We collected seven of those and placed them below for your convenience. Some seem obvious, of course, but then a reminder never hurts…

#1: Start Hydrating Early

By early, we don't mean the day of. If you are serious about riding, or your safety, you hydrate days in advance. This is not just good practice for riding, but for a healthy lifestyle as well. Water and hydration is such a key component to mental, physical, and overall health. Drink up and aim for light coloured urine as a guide to adequate hydration.

#2: Drink A Lot Of Water

There are many sport drinks and alternatives that insist will boost or supplement hydration. While this may be true, there is nothing that your body needs more than water. In between motos, cold water not only tastes better when thirst hits on a hot day but it helps lower your core body temperature and tends to absorb faster. That said, drink any temperature water available as quickly as possible to get hydrated before the next gate drop. Be prepared by having your water bottles ready for you immediately after your race or riding session. This way your body can recover as soon as possible.

#3: Pedialyte Does Work

Yes, we said water works best, and it does, but we can't deny the fact that Pedialyte works wonders and many riders drink it to balance their electrolytes and hydrate after a race. Pedialyte contains less sugar than other sports drinks and diluting it with water helps cut back on the sweetness while providing the necessary salts and potassium to get you ready for more.

#4: Always Avoid Alcohol

This seems like an obvious suggestion, but to some they may need a reminder. Alcohol dehydrates and depletes the body of electrolytes. For those reason, it's safe to say drinking before riding is not suggested.

#5: Always Avoid Caffeine

Maybe a not so obvious refreshment to avoid is caffeine. Caffeine may not deplete your body but it can cause other issues in regards to lavatory stop. For that reason we suggest sticking to mostly water base drinks or just plain old water all around.

#6: Cool Off

Your body continues to sweat until you cool off. Don't add fuel to the dehydration fire, so strip off all that gear, get out of the sun and in addition to drinking water pour some over your head and down your back. The quicker you stop sweating the sooner you can replenish the fluids lost.

#7: Hydration Pack

Hydration packs easily slip on over or under a jersey and add little weight. Most riders don't need one for the relatively short duration of a moto. For some of our favourite hydration packs, click here.

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