Top Tips: Corner Skills

How to make gains in the turns

· 2 minutes read

If you are looking for a way to improve your race skills, race time and overall results then look to the corners. If you are improving your corner skills, you are planning for the corners way before you are making your turn. There are a lot of moving parts that go into winning a race. The corners are where races are won or lost. A good rider will be fast and do the big jumps, but a great rider knows the importance of the little things like the corners.

The best way to work on corners is to break it down. Focus just on doing turns, from break points to full throttle again, body formation, core engaged and body placement. Practice, practice, practice. This is often the hard part, because to be honest turns aren't as fun as going fast and doing big jumps, so taking the time to work on your corner skills is not always what you want to do. It is what you need to do to be the best though. 

Tip One: When entering into the turn, make sure to keep your arms up. This is a common mistake made in corners especially. When you are riding you should always ride with your arms up and elbows square. This gives you better control through the corners and all parts of the race track.

Tip Two: It' s imperative that you keep your head up and focus well ahead. This allows you plenty of time to spot what's coming next. Specifically in terms of cornering, the bike will always follow the direction your head and eyes are looking towards.

Tip Three: Be consistent. Consistent power and throttle control will make you one of the smoothest riders out on the track. Even though a short, sharp burst of the throttle may feel quicker I assure you it is not. A smooth and calculated motion is much quicker and leaves less room for error out on the track.

Tip Four: Pick your line and stick with it! Picking the right line is one of the most important thing when it comes to your racing skills and knowledge, but the right line is not something that is a one-fits-all kind of deal. You have to find the line that works for you and some laps things can change. It's important to be flexible, confident but most importantly smart when it comes to choosing your lines. Choose the best line to hammer through that next corner.

Some simple tips to remember when you are trying to up your racing game: A good rider knows the importance of adjusting their skill set, always finding room to grow and that practice may never make you perfect but it will give you the confidence to outride your competitors. At the end of the day racing takes skills, but it takes the passion of always wanting to improve and get better as well.

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