Ten Questions: Lotte van Drunen

A star of the future

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You may not have heard of Lotte van Drunen yet but the 11-year-old has been lighting up youth motocross for a few years now. From winning the Netherlands 50cc championship in 2016 and the 65cc championship in 2018, she was given the prestigious ‘Rising Star' award by the KNMV in 2018.  More recently she claimed third in the 65cc class at the Junior World Championship in Trentino.

Whilst still young, she is on a pathway to superstardom and takes motocross very seriously.  24MX sat down with Lotte to find out more about her success and how she got started in motocross in this new feature.

24MX: What inspired you to start motocross?

Lotte van Drunen: My brother's were always riding bikes and when I was FOUR I told my parents I would love to ride a pink bike, so my daddy bought me a bike for my birthday!

How long have you been racing/riding?

I started when I was 4-years-old so this is my seventh year of riding.

What championships are you competing in this season? 

The European championships (EMX) and the ONK in the Netherlands.  I will also do some club competitions when there is time.

How do you train for the motocross season? 

In the season I train on the bike at least five times a week and I go to the gym once a week and do exercises at home. In the winter I try to train as much as I can on the bike and go to the gym two or three times a week. I also make sure I go to bed early and try to eat good food. I don't go to parties. Everything for the motocross!

Have you always competed with the boys or do you race in any women's championships also? 

Yes, I have only competed with the boys because we don't have a women's/girl's championships here for my age. When I am older I can go to the WMX but I will also try to compete with the boys, I will keep working very hard.

Who helps you on your racing journey?

At this moment it is my family (dad, mom and three older brothers), and also my mechanic Rene Kouvelt, my trainer Dennis Verbruggen, everyone at Beursfoon MX Team and my sponsors.

Who is your favourite rider?

Jeffrey Herlings

What is it you like about Jeffery Herlings?  

His riding  style, his perseverance and everything he does for it. He goes for it. So will I, nothing else!

Is it difficult balancing riding, training and school?

We plan everything well and I do my homework on the way to the track. My parents and brothers help me when I need it or when I don't understand something.

What is your favourite motocross track to ride?

That is Arnhem, Motorsport Park Gelderland Midden, because they have a lot of jumps for 65 and 85cc. It is sand and the track is very well-maintained.

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