The Ideal Set-Up: #12

Look very sharp on the track

Buy the 2020 gear from Alpinestars! Click here.

A regular feature on the 24MX Magazine! At the conclusion of each week, our editorial staff will sift through the thousands of bits of gear that are available on and piece together a set-up that would make any rider stand out at the track! What's the focus of the twelfth ideal set-up? Scroll down to see the gear that's been picked out this week. This set-up was constructed using the 2020 Alpinestars range on 24MX.

Alpinestars Supertech M8 Matte Black. Click here.

Raven Edge ‘The Look' MX Goggles Clear. Click here.

Alpinestars Racer Tactical Black-Grey-Camo. Click here.

Alpinestars Tech 10 MX Boots Black. Click here.

Buy the 2020 gear from Alpinestars! Click here.

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