Top Tips: Riding in Dust

Prepare for hot and dusty days

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With the summer heat in full effect now, the dust is picking up. Make sure that does not slow you down! We put together a list of tips and tricks for riding, maintenance and being preventative when it comes to dusty conditions. Don't let the dust stop you from having a good time! We hope that these tricks and tips help you be more prepared, but mostly help you have a good time.

#1: Air Filters

Dusty conditions muddy up the air filter pretty quick so bring a spare air filter that has already been oiled, especially on an overnight trip. You will want to change the filter out for the next day but even on day-long quests you might gain some benefit from checking the current filter and replacing it if needed. The new air filter keeps your engine clean, prevents power loss and problems down the road because dirt got into your engine. Don't bother with the air filter covers or panty hose trick like you do in the sand. Dust particles are too small for these filters to work effectively.

#2: Lube Chains

The chain will attract dust therefore use a high quality chain lubricant. Most lubricants, like chain wax, coat well upon first application, then melt as it heats up and tends to stay a little cleaner. Either way, lubricate liberally prior to riding. Clean afterwards as well and then reapply the chain lube.

#3: Tear Offs

If necessary, tear-offs work better than roll-offs however you will likely find nothing works great in dusty conditions. First off, you don't want to leave plastic tear-offs on the trails and dust tends to brush away quite easily eliminating any need for a tear-off. Dust can also work its way in between the tear-offs making things worse.

#4: Ride Time

Nature does have its own water system called dew. The thin layer of moisture that settles on the ground in the early morning hours helps to keep the dust down. Try riding first thing before evaporation has a chance to remove the ground moisture.

#5: Ride Spot

When riding with others, either ride up front or fall back enough to let the dust kicked up from the lead rider settle a bit. In any conditions, you want to see the ground in front of you and therefore if you don't have visual clearance of the trail because of the dust find a distance that allows for the dust to subside prior to you riding through.

#6: The Weather

Riding into the wind or even with the wind can leave you in a perpetual dusty state. If the wind kicks up enough to cause dusty conditions try choosing trail routes with a crosswind that sweep dust away from the trail instead of along the trail.

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