Top Five: Track Etiquette

Top tips for the beginners

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There are a number of recognised rules when heading to the practice track, but there may also be some lesser known etiquette tips that you may be unaware of. Check out the top-five tips below to ensure you're respectful to other riders when at the track.

#1: Check The Groups.

If the track is busy riders are likely to be grouped into smaller numbers so that it isn't overcrowded. These groups are usually generated on rider skill levels: beginner, intermediate and pro. Make sure you are honest with your ability here, having riders on track with completely different skill and speed levels is dangerous and simply increases the chances of accidents happening.  If you feel like you have been placed in the wrong group speak to the track owner and see if you can change to a group that is better suited to your skill level.

#2: Don't Cross Jump.

This is a big one! Holding your line on track is important when other riders are around you.  It doesn't matter if you are riding full speed or just rolling around, the rider behind you will always expect you to hold your line on the practice track. If they are faster they will be able to go around you! This means if you are on the outside of the track entering the face of a jump, stay there! Never jump from the inside to the outside or visa versa! Never stop on track either.

#3: Keeping Bikes Safe

Make sure your bike has been properly maintained before it hits the track.  You can check out our tips to ensure your bike is ready for riding and it will limit any chances of your bike letting you down whilst out on the track. These measures are often simple and best carried out before you get to the track, to ensure it doesn't eat into that valuable riding time!

#4: Safe In The Pits

Most practice tracks will have strict rules for etiquette in the pits.  Most important is to not ride in the pits, dismount from your bike and walk alongside it back to your pit set-up. Some tracks will have a safe refuelling area so be sure to use this rather than refuelling your bike at your vehicles. If you have pets or family with you always make sure they spectate from the designated areas and lastly avoid any unnecessary revving in the pits, statutory noise regulations will apply to most tracks so minimising unnecessary noise is important!

#5: Nobody Wins Practice!

Everyone at the practice track is there to have a good time so be respectful, as we all have to start out as beginners. Whether you are quicker or slower than others around you it is always important to respect others on the track. If you are passing somebody be mindful that it is not necessary to roost somebody or block pass them. Likewise always enter and leave the track in the designated areas, other riders my not see you if you decide to enter on a blind bend or on the downside of a jump.

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