Top Tips: Stop Arm Pump

Stop the dreaded arm pump

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Arm pump is a real thing and doesn't seem as though it is going to go away anytime soon. Even the best riders have experienced their fair share of arm pump, so what are some ways to prevent it? If you cannot prevent it then what are some ways to relieve it? This feature has the answers that all riders, young to old, seek.

Preventing Arm Pump

Use Your Lower Body: It is important to use your lower body when riding a dirtbike… You want to be riding in an athletic position. Riders need to squeeze the bike at the lower point with their legs and feet while keeping their upper body relaxed. With the pressure distributed more evenly, your legs are working and that puts less stress and grip on the arms.

Getting Proper Posture: What is a proper posture for riding? The most proper posture for riding, and best athletic stance, is on your toes with knees slightly bent and hips out so the chest comes forward. Just so that you look ready to drive forward. Understanding how to evenly distribute the pressure so that your whole body is working will not only prevent arm pump, but any other discomfit you may feel while out on the track.

Check Breathing Pattern: Breathing can help relax your body, which then relaxes your grip. Make sure that you are in through your nose and out through your mouth. Learning proper (relaxed) breathing technique goes a long way towards preventing arm pump. If you apply your body correctly, use legs as power and breathe correctly you should not get arm pump.

Stopping Arm Pump

Sometimes we fall into our old patterns, despite our best efforts, and with just five laps to go you suddenly realise arm pump has set in. Your arms get tighter, you grab harder as you stopped breathing and lactic acid builds up. Once you fall into the pattern you are at the mercy of arm pump until you stop. If you feel arm pump coming on the best thing to do is stop riding, which is obviously not ideal when in the middle of a race. Squeeze your legs to reduce the pressure on your arms and check your breathing.

Relieving Arm Pump

The best way to relieve arm pump is to simply stop riding. Massage and stretching help as well, but we all know that if you are in the middle of a race you just have to push through. Practicing a healthy lifestyle daily (like eating right, getting enough sleep and training correctly) all help towards preventing arm pump and, if it should arise, quickly relieving the symptoms to get you back on two wheels. Don't let arm pump get in your way. Practice good stretching habits, train hard and focus on proper positioning. You'll beat it every time.

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