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A motocross neck brace, when used in conjunction with a full-face helmet, is designed to help prevent neck trauma in the event of a crash. It does this by limiting your neck's range of movement. Neck braces usually sit on the sternum and spine (or on each side of them) since the brace is lifted up off of your body. Your full-face helmet will contact it on either the back, sides or front before hyperextension of the neck is possible. When contact is made with the brace, the impact forces are spread out over the whole brace and that takes stress off of the neck and spine. This then possibly saves the rider from a neck injury.

Leatt GPX 4.5 Neck Protector. Click here.

This entry-level model in Leatt's series of neck protection is developed by biomedical engineers and medical personnel to ensure good performance and protection. The protection is made of polyamide, reinforced with fiberglass and its construction is structured so that the force from the impact goes through the helmet past the neck and out into the body instead. This technology is called ALPT, Alternative Load Path Technology. The protection is also produced to crack at the right time to further protect the back from getting too much impact energy. Leatt has also been mindful of the rider's flexibility and has provided extra space for the helmet so that the rider can move freely. Of course, without compromising safety.

– The weight is 700 grams.

– Many adjustment options to suit most riders.

– CE certified as personal protective equipment 89/686/EEC.

Alpinestars Neckbrace BNS Pro. Click here.

Alpinestars BNS Pro 2014, designed to provide optimum protection for your neck without being heavy or restrictive. The level of protection lightweight fibreglass construction combined with EVA padding benefits impact force over a larger area and diverts power from the neck and spine in the event of crash. Protection has an adjustment system for a personalized fit and the included mounting straps provide a more secure fit.

– The flexibility can be tolerated in the cooler sub-zero temperatures.

– The padding can be removed to facilitate combinations with other protective devices.

– The lightweight contributes to the overall comfort and allows the protection to not feel restrictive.

– BNS Pro is made of an advanced impact-resistant composite material that makes protecting lightweight.

– SAS (size adapter system) makes that protection customizable and to be adjusted to give the best personal fit. 

Atlas Air Neck Virus. Click here.

Atlas say this is one of their best protectors they have ever made! Atlas Air is designed to maintain outstanding quality and safety protection, while also staying lightweight: It only weighs 599 grams! The protection has features such as easy-open, making it easy to put on and to take off. It is anatomically adapted to reduce the risk of injury in case of an accident. The neck protection has a contact area that is twenty-seven percent larger than protection from competitors. The protection also has a flexible shape to provide maximum comfort.

– The weight is 700 grams.

– Easy-Open feature makes it extremely accessible in emergency situations.

– The soft 30mm material at the chest reduces the risk of injuries and absorbs shocks.

Shop for many different neck braces. Click here.

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