Top Five: On The Spot Changes

Never fail to be prepared

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Maintaining your own can be time-consuming, but it is an essential way of ensuring your bike is in good condition for that next race or practice day. Sometimes though, things can go wrong whilst out on the track or trail. We have compiled our top five products that you can put in your truck (or your backpack if trail riding) to help you out in an emergency!

#1: FenderBench. Click here.

For those repairs in the paddock when you do not have a work bench, the FenderBench can really help! A FenderBench tool table is designed to fit over the rear fender of all motocross bikes and gives you a place to set tools, nuts and bolts, seals, lubricants and parts that can be removed easily while working on your motorcycle. FenderBench has separate compartments for various tools and is made of sturdy molded plastic for easy cleaning.

#2: ProWorks Cable Ties. Click here.

Cable ties can be helpful for so many repairs whilst out riding.  If you are unlucky enough to get a flat tyre whilst trail riding and don't have a repair kit these ties, wrapped around the rim, can help you get back to safety. Available in lengths from 150mm to 500mm long these cable ties will help you out on those emergency repairs. Available in a selection of colours they are a stylish way match your bike brand.

#3: Tyre Pressure Gauge. Click here.

Allows you to quickly check tyre pressure before you head out and monitor them whilst out on those longer trail riding days.

#4: Chain Tool Kit. Click here.

An excellent kit to have in the van when you want to change or repair your chain without struggling to find your tools. Made of high-quality steel, with a tool box made of plastic measuring 321x198x54mm the Unior Chain Tool Kit is a great way of ensuring you have everything you need in a space-saving box. If space really is a premium though, you could always go with the ProWorks Chain Breaker. That is foldable, making it is easy to fit in to your enduro bag.

#5: A9 All-In-One Spray. Click here.

A9 All-In-One is a must in every garage and toolbox. It is a universal spray that protects against rust, lubricants, cleans and leaves a protective surface. It prevents squeaking, is water-repellent and drives out moisture from linkage, wheel bearings and plugs after washing. It also penetrates and loosens rusted bolts and nuts making those awkward repairs that little bit easier.

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