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"Jump for show, corner for dough" is the saying. Consistent corner speed can be one of the biggest gains you can make in improving your race results and mastering these simple techniques can help you do just that! Cornering technique will depend on the track type and weather conditions. Tracks with deeper ruts may allow you to be more aggressive on the exit of the corner whilst a dry, hard-pack track is likely to have far less grip.

#1: Before The Corner

Pick your line as early and remember that the quickest line isn't always the shortest, so check for braking bumps. See if you can find a rut that you can use to your advantage to slow you down and allow you to get on the power quicker, as this will allow you to carry more speed on exit. Feathering the front brake when entering a rut or berm can also allow you to maintain more speed on entry whilst ensuring the front wheel stays in the rut, still allowing you to maintain more control and ultimately letting you carry more speed into and through the turn.

#2: Seated Cornering

Think early and prepare for the corner before you enter it. When cornering whilst seated make sure you complete your braking before entering the corner. Stand while braking (with weight back to give the rear wheel grip) and sit down just before the apex of the corner, then this will allow you to transfer your weight to the front of the bike to keep your weight distribution centred.  Don't be tempted to lean too hard over the bars, this may result in you slumping into the apex of the corner and the bike will simply bog down and therefore lose speed.

Whilst navigating the corner remember to keep your elbows up and head up and pointed toward the direction you are going. If necessary, re-gripping the throttle can help you to maintain higher elbows and will allow you to access to power to pick the bike up after you transition the apex of the corner.

#3: Off-Camber/Flat Corners

Whilst may of the principles above still apply (braking, elbows, look ahead & weight distribution), this insight from Ryan Hughes (RynoGlobal) whilst watching 24MX-supported rider Kevin Strijbos shows you how a smooth transition through a flat corner, whilst placing your weight on the outside peg, can allow you the maintain speed without the need for aggressive throttle or brake action.

It is important to remain smooth on the throttle though, this will maintain traction through the rear tyre and allow you to transition through the corner quicker, the right gear choice will help to maintain smooth throttle control also.

#4: Cornering Whilst Standing

This is a great technique to learn whilst trail riding or on motocross tracks with faster, shallower corners you can carry more speed into and through the apex of the corner. The dynamics and technique are different though. Firstly, it's important to bend the knees to act as suspension through the corner whilst also lowering the centre of gravity. Remember to lean the bike not the body and to grip the bike with your knees.

When entering the corner place your weight on the inside peg and shift your body slightly to the outside to remain centred, the amount this is needed with depend on the corner. Once through the apex of the corner transfer your weight to the outer peg on exit.

These simple tips may take some time to perfect, but they will help you adapt your skillsets to different track and corner types.  Remember the fundamentals of braking early, looking forward, keeping weight on the outside leg and elbows high and you can't go far wrong, but trying these additional tips can help take your riding to the next level.

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