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It is that time of year where you start planning that training holiday with your mates to try out your skills on some of the best motocross tracks that Europe has to offer. Check out these top tips and it could help you keep a few more euros in your pocket to spend on motocross gear before you go!

Before You Go:

– Pack a few changes of gear, to save on cleaning costs whilst out there.

– Take a cool box so you can buy food at the supermarket, saving money on roadside service stations and McDonalds and helping to maintain a decent diet whilst training.

– Take a fuel can. Whilst there is no need to fill it up before you go, it is always useful to have a full can whilst at the track.

– Don't forget to take a race mat, some tracks in Europe require this, and it is good practice anyway! You can pick up a 24MX environmental mat and it'll fit all of your needs perfectly.

Getting There:

– Fuel is generally cheaper in some of the more remote parts of Europe (away from large motorways) so where possible remember to fill up when you are near the track.

– If you are coming from the UK crossing on the ferry or EuroTunnel later at night is always cheaper.

– Toll roads are inevitable, unfortunately, especially in France. Whilst there are schemes in place that will save you time in queues at the toll, they will likely cost you more money by the time you have paid for the chip and activation fee so we would suggest paying at each toll by either card or cash.

– If money is really tight then use a sat nav and set it to avoid toll roads. Almost every navigation app has an option that ensures you miss tolls and any delays on the road up ahead.


– B&Bs are generally cheaper than hotels and are more likely to be able to offer you a secure store to lock away bikes at night.

– If going to Belgium there are a number of camping sites close to Lommel, Honda Park and Veldhoven.

– Check if the tracks you are visiting have a website as these will often include advice on local hotels to stay out.

– Speaking to the track owners whilst there is also a good idea as they'll often have details for best local hotels whatever your budget.

– Check out last-minute hotel search engines online for the best rates.

The Tracks:

– Certain tracks are a hotspot for pros who are training during the season. If you want to test yourself against the best in the world keep an eye on social media to see where they are likely to be training, some of the tracks that regularly feature on their training schedules include: Honda Park (Belgium), Lommel (Belgium) and RedSand MX Park (Spain).

– You'll need a license to ride in certain countries, This can usually be the license from your country or origin, but if you wish to ride in France for example you may need an FFM license. Single-day licenses are available but buying consecutive days is more cost-effective. It is best to check with the track on the day as certain tracks may allow you to ride with your local license.

– In the Netherlands you will likely need a KNMV district license, these are not available at the track and will need to be applied for beforehand via the JNMV website.

– Most tracks have a jet-wash facility that usually costs around €5, which is very cost effective, and it will save you much needed space in the van by not having to bring your own!

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